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Why Do Cats Like Getting Spanked?

Everyone knows that cats love to be the center of attention, but it still may seem strange that they like to get “spanked” or patted on the behind or the top of their heads. This isn’t to say they want to be physically abused, but they seem to enjoy getting spanked lightly sometimes. So, why is that?

Cats like getting spanked or tapped on their tail areas because it is believed that the pressure releases hormones that relax and destress the cat. This is because cats have a bundle of nerves at the base of their tail, and they cannot reach this spot well on their own.

So, now that we know why cats like getting spanked. Let’s take a closer look at some factors that make this strange habit pleasurable. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about why cats like getting spanked.

What About Feline Anatomy Makes Spanking Pleasurable?

happy black cat lying on the bed playing As we mentioned, most cats like getting spanked on their rumps due to the pressure releasing “feel-good” hormones from a bundle of nerves in their tail areas. But there’s more to it than just a physiological response.

There’s also a psychological element to their response. When cats get spanked, it’s thought that they are reminded of when their mother used to clean them and take care of them when they were kittens, which causes them to feel secure and safe.

This licking also serves to help kittens resolve potentially painful issues like painful urination and irritation on the anus. It also keeps them safe from predators by reducing the smell they give off from that area, so in general, spanking makes them remember all of these positives.

It’s also important to note that this is a sensitive and vulnerable area of a cat’s body. They need to trust you to let you spank them fully. If your cat enables you to spank them, this is a sign of ultimate trust and confidence in you as its owner.

How Do Cats Feel When They Get Spanked?

happy cat smiling Even though many cats may feel safe, warm, and at ease when they get spanked, their feelings depend on how their mother treated them as children and their natural disposition toward you as their owner.

Let’s discuss a few reactions your cat may have to getting spanked. First, most cats will feel calm and protected when they get spanked by someone they trust. Because it reminds them of being taken care of by their mother, it will instill nostalgic feelings of being protected and cared for. When stimulated in this way, Nerve endings will also cause a boost in their behavior almost immediately.

Spanking your cat can also improve their health. Strangely enough, spanking a cat helps to lower its blood pressure and to steady its heart rate. Some even say spanking can help cats live longer, happier lives than those that don’t get spanked.

Finally, your cat will feel a deepened and strengthened bond with you. As strange as it sounds, Spanking them will cause them to trust you more than they already do. They may even come to you in hopes that you’ll spank them more often!

When Should You Spank a Cat?

stroking a cat's face When you spank your cat, you’ll find that it will often come back to you for more spanks. If your cat comes to you more often than they usually do, you can assume they want to be spanked.

This is a perfectly suitable time to spank them and will help to increase their mood and trust in you when you do. Another time you will know when your cat wants to be spanked is when they approach you and get into a position that shows its tail to you.

In this position, their hind area will be lifted toward you. Additionally, if they are circling your feet or swishing their tail at you, you can also take that as a sign that they want you to spank them. These are all great examples of times you should spank your cat.

When Should You Not Spank a Cat?

amazed cat Just as there are numerous signs that a cat wants to be spanked, they can also give specific signals that will let you know they do not want to be spanked at that moment. If your cat exhibits shyness or aggressive behavior, it may be irritable and want to be left alone.

In such cases, you should not try to spank them, as you may cause them to get grumpier with you. They will not appreciate spanking when trying to get their own space from everyone else. You should also never spank a cat out of aggression or anger with them.

This will cause mixed signals because when you’re mad with them and want to discipline them, you treat them in a way they associate with being taken care of. Also, it would help if you never struck an animal to hurt them.

Final Thoughts

cat being stroked by owner It may seem strange that cats like to get spanked, as we usually associate that with discipline. However, spanking a cat can cause them to feel happy, safe, and protected.

Additionally, a bundle of nerves on their hind area will also release “feel-good” hormones, causing them to really like getting spanked. A cat must trust their owner entirely to allow them to spank them, and if your cat lets you do so, you can take that as a sign of utmost trust. If you tend to spank your cat often, you’ll find that they will start to come back for more at regular intervals.

Make sure never to spank your cat out of anger, as this sends mixed signals and can be harmful. We hope this article has answered all your questions about why cats like to get spanked.

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