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Meowing Questions

Through this list of reasons why cats are so funny, you’ll find that cats aren’t only humorous when up and about and can be just as amusing when calm and relaxed. Here are the top 10 reasons why cats are so funny… 10. Lack of Self Awareness A sense of self-awareness cause humans to avoid [...]

Once nervous jitters are out of the way and territorial disputes are settled, cats can get along with one another at any number and can eventually form large groups. So, what do you call a group of cats? A group of cats is called a clowder. There are lesser used descriptive nouns out there that [...]

Everyone knows that cats love to be the center of attention, but it still may seem strange that they like to get “spanked” or patted on the behind or the top of their heads. This isn’t to say they want to be physically abused, but they seem to enjoy getting spanked lightly sometimes. So, why [...]

If you have a handful of cats or live in an area where a group of cats nightly prowl the streets, you may notice they tend to get into fights from time to time. We can typically hear them winding into the fight long before we can see them get into it. Why do cats [...]

Every once in a while, our cats might amaze us (or disgust us) by what they find to be a tasty treat. But why do cats eat flies, especially considering how small of a meal they’d provide? Cats eat flies because of their natural instinct to hunt and play. Cats are predatory animals that will [...]

Cats are natural acrobats; able to jump many times their height, move at blurring speeds, and pound for pound, are as tough as nails. Out of all of the things they can do, why do cats jump sideways? Cats jump sideways when startled – a reflex that acts like a jumpstart to a fight or [...]

We’ve talked a lot on this site about many of the strange and interesting behaviors cats tend to do. Here, we’ll be talking about why cats disappear to die. There are many instinctual reasons why cats disappear to die – chief of which is to be left alone. A vulnerable cat will normally hide whether [...]

Knowing how vain and conceited cats can tend to behave, you’d think that staring in the mirror would consume a large part of their day. But they don’t. Why do cats wind up ignoring themselves in the mirror? Cats ignore mirrors because the lack of scent emitting from things a cat sees in a reflection [...]

Cats can be pretty forceful when it’s time to eat. Since they’ll do whatever they can to bring to your attention that they’re hungry, why don’t they ever finish their food? Cats typically don’t finish their food despite how hungry a cat might be, because they eat much less in one sitting than we provide, [...]

Cats are drawn to many things for their own feline reasons that we’d find to be a bit strange. Among those things that they’re drawn to is our very own earwax. Cats like earwax due to its scent. Though it’s a scent that none of us can pick up on, the cat’s 200 million scent [...]

The other day, my cat kept shaking its paw continuously. It’s the first time I’ve seen him do it, so I was worried that he had stepped on a sliver or a piece of glass and hurt himself. So I started to research different reasons why cats shake their paws. Cats’ normal reaction is to [...]

Cats are considered clean animals due to the constant cleaning of their fur and burying their poop and urine deep into the litter box. But is it an act of cleanliness when they bury their waste? Cats bury their poop to cover up their scent. This is done instinctively and is commonplace with wild cats. [...]

When cats bite or nibble on noses when we sleep, it’s easy simply to chalk it up as the cat doing strange things. However, most of the strange behavior cats display is done with some sort of purpose in mind; in this case, it’s biting your nose in play. Your cat might bite your nose [...]

Cats work hard in their litter boxes, digging holes and covering up whatever they’ve left behind. Everyone knows they do it, but what makes cats want to dig holes and bury things? The reason cats dig holes is to instinctively cover evidence of their presence. Urine and feces are meant to identify a wild cat [...]

Cats and kittens tend to do things that we’d find, well, a bit strange. Among those strange things they like to do, is nibble on us every once in a while. Some cats prefer to give attention to our ears. Cats nibble on ears for different reasons depending on their age. A younger cat might [...]

Why do cats follow strangers? It’s a phenomenon that we’re taught as humans from a young age to avoid for our own safety- stay away from strangers. But apparently, cats have no such worries. So, why do cats follow strangers? Cats follow strangers because they are curious, seeking attention, or starving. Cats that are out [...]

Why do cats cry like a baby at night? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you’re not alone. Suppose you’ve got a baby in the home, and the cat repeatedly gets you up out of bed at night due to a case of mistaken identity. What do you think are the reasons behind this [...]

When You hear cats crying at night, what does it mean? Well, there has been a lot of speculation over the years about why they do it, and no shortage of superstition surrounding this activity. One may ask, “What are the superstitions about cats crying at night?” The superstition about a cat crying at night [...]

Have you ever stopped to wonder, “Why do cats lick everything?” The floors, the furniture, themselves, us, clothes, and sheets can all wind up being the target of a cat’s tongue. Nothing seems to be out of the question regarding what a cat is willing to lick. Cats might be licking everything that isn’t food if [...]

There’s little more unnerving about waking up in the middle of the night to ask yourself, “Why is my cat hissing at thin air?” Has this ever happened to you? Cats can be a little barrel of curiosity, doing things that make little to no sense to us, sometimes leaving us baffled. The answer could [...]