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Top 10 Reasons Why Cats Are So Funny

Through this list of reasons why cats are so funny, you’ll find that cats aren’t only humorous when up and about and can be just as amusing when calm and relaxed. Here are the top 10 reasons why cats are so funny…

10. Lack of Self Awareness

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A sense of self-awareness cause humans to avoid looking stupid or getting themselves into situations that could make them look foolish. If they look into the mirror and see something on their face, a human will (or should) remove it. That’s a brief example of self-awareness.

An overwhelming majority of animals do not share this burden with us- including cats!

Cats can be downright hysterical because they’re not aware of the things that they do that make us giggle.

A group of cats can do something that is nothing to them but hits us right in the funny bone. For example, sitting on their rump with their rear legs spread eagle in the air in front of them looks funny, but to the cat, it’s just an easy position to clean itself in hard-to-reach places.

They’re oblivious of what they do to make us laugh, which often makes it funnier.

9. Cats are Funny at Playtime

2 cats playing

Cats playing together can be downright hysterical. Wapping each other in passing, one cat wanting to play when the other doesn’t, bouncing around the house with toys- you name it!

As you rewind a cat’s age, the playing gets funnier.

I mean that a kitten playing can often be more humorous than an adult at play. Adults already have their skills honed in and attack toys with purpose and vigor. On the other hand, Kitten bumbles around, tests the waters, and makes mistakes that result in an injection of hilarity for the viewer.

8. Cats being Cute can be Funny

a cat hiding inside a blue shirt

Even when relaxed, cats can be funny. Calmly walking up to an owner to place a paw on his face to check out his beard, or examining a female owner who just applied makeup, can be funny.

A cat laying down in a laundry basket with the arm of a shirt over its ears looking up at you is another easy example of a cat being funny while simultaneously being cute.

7. Cats are Funny when they get Excited

funny startled cat

The expression on their faces, how their body tenses up, and their %110 focus on the object of their excitement can be amusing to watch– and equally as funny. Like 3-year-old kids that can get excited over small things, cats can do the same.

Bouncing a rubber ball across the floor could cause some cats to get instantly excited enough for you to believe that the cat just witnessed the best thing that they’ve ever seen! And yes- it’s funny!

6. When Cats Chirp

a black going out of yellow board

Chirping happens when a cat gets hit with a combination of anxiousness and excitement. Anxiety isn’t Something to laugh at under normal circumstances, but sometimes what’s making them anxious is so harmless it can be pretty funny.

Most often, cats might chirp at a toy they can’t reach or another animal (usually small prey animals) that they can see but can’t get to because of a pesky window. Harmless enough to be humorous in these simple circumstances.

5. Want Funny- Add Catnip

a cat rolling in a catnip

In reality, everyone knows that cats are crazy for catnip and wind up doing all kinds of things that are out of the norm depending on the cat. On the other hand, Kittens seem timid or scared of catnip scent.

Either way- if your cat seems bored- add catnip!

4. Random Reactions

funny cat sitting image

Cats do things that seem entirely random to us that can put a smile on our faces—for example, rolling off a bed or couch accidentally, landing on their feet, then looking up at you like they meant to do that.

Or laying down next to its food bowl and grabbing pieces one at a time to eat it leisurely like an Emperor lying on a couch picking away grapes.

3. Unpredictable Behavior

funny cat sticking tongue out

Sometimes cats can get crazy, going from 0-100 in a heartbeat, and it doesn’t always happen when we’d expect it. For example, jumping straight up with its back arched from an unexpected noise.

Cats do strange things to each other- causal harmless whapping in passing, sliding food bowls back and forth with their paws to get closer to them than the other cats, etc.

Things like this are hilarious when they happen randomly cause we’re simply not expecting it, and it’s just downright humorous.

2. Being Funny when they Want Something

cat pleading for food

Cats can be so artificially desperate when they want something. Calm, cool, and collective can change on a dime when they feel like they want Something so wrong they can taste it.

Suddenly they become over-the-top drama queens, crying away because they want a piece of whatever you’re eating, even though they’ve still got food in the bowl. Depending on your mood, their antics can be funny or maybe a little annoying.

1. A Cat’s Many Expressions

funny british shorthair cat

Cats are highly expressive. The look is priceless when a cat smells something it doesn’t like. Displeased with an outcome, it has an entirely different look- also priceless.

Having some simple interaction with our cats can be fun and humorous by paying attention to how they communicate to us through their expressions.

Final Thoughts

funny cat inside a blue mat

It’s been said that cats reduce human stress levels. Many people consider cats dull, docile, and even boring pets.

Who says cats are boring pets?

Nothing can be farther from the truth. Anyone who thinks that has either never owned one or has had a very rare experience with them.

The more outgoing the cat, the funnier their behavior can be, but even timid felines can get a laugh sometimes!

Yes, cats can be prudish sometimes, as stereotypes tend to convey. But overwhelmingly, cats are fun-loving and can be highly entertaining.

Even still, there are even places where one can find humor in a prude kitty cat if you pay attention close enough.

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