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Cat Breeds: A Guide Into the World of Friendly Felines

If you’re looking for information on cat breeds, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Welcome to the Cat Breeds FAQ website!

Do you know what breed of cat you have?

At this time, the number of cat breeds that are in existence right now varies depending on who you ask. Some say around 43 breeds, others over 70!

No matter what the number really is, different breeds produce a host of variety as well as an even larger list of questions. And because of that, this site is designed to help.

While you’re here:

  • You’ll find a wealth of answers to cat questions.
  • You’ll discover information about cat breeds.
  • You’ll learn more about important cat nutrition information.
  • You’ll get the latest on cat training.
  • You’ll catch some tips about cat health.

Below, you’ll have a chance to read a little bit about each section that Cat Breeds FAQ concentrates on, and will get a good flavor for what each entail. Feel free to browse around, and see what I’ve got going on!

Cat Questions Answered at Cat Breeds FAQ

Lady thinking about cats

What would a page called “Cat Breed-FAQ” be, without having answers for questions that people wind up with about cats?

My “Questions” section contains popular questions about breeds, traits, or behaviors that cats have.

These questions can be generated in two ways. Firstly, by owning a cat and wondering why it does what it does.

Secondly, by folks that are looking into having a cat, or perhaps a particular breed of cat.

Frequently asked questions cover a range of different topics as far as cats are concerned.

Be sure to scroll around in the “Questions” section to find a question that you are wondering yourself or that otherwise interests you.

My goal with this site is to have a large catalog of questions answered, making this a go-to source of information on anything relating to cats.

As the page grows, so will the information base, so make sure to keep coming back to check out what’s been included.

Perhaps you have a question that you don’t see addressed here on the site.

That’s okay!

Hit me up with your question on the contact page, and you’ll either get a direct response or perhaps it will become a new page loaded into the “Questions” section.

Cat Breeds

30 cat breeds varieties

With every different cat breed comes a host of different reasons to generate questions. Not all cats act alike, just as not all dogs act alike.

They’re all individuals with their own personalities, yes, but each breed has traits or behaviors that others don’t.

There are also different health risks, dietary needs, and care requirements that change from breed to breed.

If you own a breed of cat that we’ve included here at this site, you will find useful information to help you maintain a healthy and happy cat.

Not only that, but to avoid making mistakes that could cause unnecessary issues that might come, either via health or behavior.

As important as it may be to teach people about their existing pets, I also know the importance of educating people about different cat breeds.

Mainly for those who are looking to get themselves a new pet.

Cat breeds differ in needs, and if your home, family, or schedule isn’t right for the breed, you may wind up with problems on your hands.

In an era where far too many cats wind up in kennels or being dropped off at the ASPCA, being part of the solution is always more welcome than being part of the problem.

This serious problem can be avoided by being educated about cat breeds and making a wise choice that will best suit your situation- before a purchase is made.

Cat Nutrition

Cat eating in a small bowl

Cat nutrition can be something that isn’t a one size fits all, though many cat owners tend to take that approach.

Nutrition is an area that not only differs from breed to breed but can differ from cat to cat, regardless of the breed.

Cats can range from finicky to gluttonous, regarding what they eat, how much, and how often.

Some foods made specifically for cats can pass through one cat’s system fine, yet cause stomach upset to another.

Feline nutrition is something that most people don’t take into account on a daily basis because it’s assumed that if the cat is eating, it must be happy and healthy. In part, this can be true.

But there are other things such as obesity or malnourishment that can occur if a cat’s nutrition goes unthought of- and those are the two easiest things to recognize.

This site will help you along, teaching you different things to notice, and different behaviors to watch out for, which can be warning signals.

These warning signs show that your cat might not be as healthy as it seems.

Cat Training

cat training in progress with its owner

Cat training goes far beyond teaching your cat to use the litter box and to stay off the counter. In fact, most people don’t associate training with cats, as they would with training dogs.

Behaviors are learned from an early age, and training needs to take place to train the undesirable behaviors out of the cat and to adhere to desirable behaviors.

Training is another area where the breed matters. Some breeds of cats are easier to train than others- much like dogs.

This site will be talking a lot about properly training your cat, and will discuss which breeds are easier to train, and for what purposes.

Cat Health

cat with stethoscope around its body

Though their nutrition can impact cat health, it is a separate category. Cat health can range from why a cat is limping to describing what breeds have different inherent ailments.

For example, some breeds of cat don’t do well in the heat- others can’t tolerate cold.

Some breeds of cat have inherent breathing issues due to how the face is structured. Other breeds are more prone to suffer from kidney or urinary tract issues.

Sometimes issues that come inherently from a breed are not life-threatening but only require proper attention. While others may be life-threatening if not caught early and treated.

The whole idea is to make sure that you have the information available. Information to know exactly what to watch out for with an existing pet, or to equip you to know what you’re about to get yourself into.

Now You Know

cat with stethoscope around its body

Now that you know a little bit more about this site and what it has to offer, go and have a look at the different sections and articles available here at Cat Breeds FAQ!

Thanks for visiting! 😊