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Meowing Questions

Everyone knows that cats like to clean themselves most of the time, but why do cats bite their claws or nails? Any cat owner has seen them do it and might not think anything of it, but the answer is interesting nonetheless. Cats groom themselves by biting at their claws to remove the outer layer [...]

Have you ever had your cat latch on to your arm after doing some cleaning around the house? Why do cats like the smell of bleach so much? This is one of the many behavioral questions that our four-legged feline friends cause us to ask. Cats are attracted to the smell of bleach because bleach(especially [...]

Does your cat sometimes get in your face while trying to sleep? Is your cat trying to tell you something? It’s super cute, but what does it mean? When your furry feline friend gets in your face while you are snoozing, there is a reason behind the behavior. Cats get in our face while we [...]

By now, everyone should know that I love dogs. But the truth is, I love cats too! The question is, do my cats love me back? And do cats actually love their owners? There’s a long-standing joke in media, and between many humans, that cats don’t really care about their owners – as long as [...]

Cats have all sorts of strange likes and dislikes, but why do cats love dirty towels and clothes? It’s not uncommon to see our cats rolling around in or even “nesting” in our dirty laundry, but why on earth do they do this? To us, it seems strange, but in a cat’s world, this behavior [...]

At some point in our lives, we have probably all asked ourselves the question, “why do cats meow back at you?” I’m a big lover of cats and have a few of my own. And this is a question that has always stumped me. I’ll often talk to my dogs, and while sometimes I will [...]

We’ve all seen the adorable videos of cats insistent to sit right atop their owners’ keyboard. But why do cats love computers so much? To me, cats are mysterious creatures. This is why I’ve spent so much time studying them and their behaviors – because they are fascinating to me. I want nothing more than [...]

Animals are amazing creatures, and it’s hard not to love them. But why do we love our cats so much? We love our cats so much because of their unconditional love – and as humans with deep emotions, we inherently react to this love. Cats may express their love by purring, rolling on the floor, [...]