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Why Does Your Cat Get In Your Face While You Sleep?

Does your cat sometimes get in your face while trying to sleep? Is your cat trying to tell you something? It’s super cute, but what does it mean?

When your furry feline friend gets in your face while you are snoozing, there is a reason behind the behavior.

Cats get in our face while we sleep because they are happy, showing affection, feel secure, seeking warmth and comfort, marking their ownership, trying to get our attention and that’s their habit since they are still kittens. 

Here’s how you can translate the meaning behind all the visits from your cat when you are trying to sleep.

1. Happy and Content

happy cat getting on owner's face

Cats will climb on you when you sleep to express happiness and contentment. It is their way of making a connection with the one they love.

Cats are very clever and realize who feeds and cares for them. They also get very attached to their owners and like to express their happiness by purring, cuddling, and getting in your face while you are sleeping.

Our pet’s happiness is a pet owner’s goal, so this action is nice to know.

2. Showing Affection

cat showing affection to owner

Your cat might show affection when it invades your sleep time by getting in your face.

Waking up from a nice dream with a furry cat right in your face (and it might be dribbling too) isn’t always fun. But remember your cat is sending you a message and the subject is love!

3. Security

cat lying on top of owner's bosom

Cats feel happy and safe when they are close to their owners. When you are sleeping your cat will take the chance to move into your space and get up close and personal.

It gives them a feeling of security and comfort being so near to you. During your day-to-day life, when you are walking around, washing the dishes, answering emails, and generally being active it’s not so easy for your cat to get this close body contact with you.

Cats are very social and will be on your lap or in your face pretty pronto at any opportunity they can get.

4. Comfort and Warmth

cat lying on top of owner's bosom in the couch

Your kitty cat might be attracted to the comfort of your body to lay on or the warmth that comes from your body heat.

Cats will especially need to warm up during winter. Like a wee kitten will cozy up to its mother for warmth, your young cat might do the same.

5. Marking Ownership

cat looking at owner's face

When your lovely cat rubs his face against you, it marks its territory – part of which is you.

When you are sleeping it’s easy for your cat to get up close and smooch some of its scents onto you. This sends the message to any other cats or animals that you belong to it.

You will notice your cat will wipe its face on many things around the house, inside and outside, to leave its scent behind.

Sofas, bedding, doorways – any surface can be smooched on by your feline friend. Humans can’t smell the scent, but it’s noticeable to other animals.

When your cat kneads you with its paws it is another way of putting its scent on you.

6. Just Trying to Get Some Attention

man holding a cat while on his computer

We don’t need to tell you how much cats adore attention. They can’t get enough of it.

So sometimes, when they get in your face while you sleep it is simply trying to get your attention. It’s looking for affection or playtime. Cats sleep a lot and often in the daytime.

They don’t know that you must sleep at night and might not be into some midnight cat and mouse chasing game down the hallway.

Cats are naturally very curious creatures. It’s not surprising they will try to see what you are doing every moment of the day – even when you are sleeping.

As well as getting in your face when you are sleeping, cats will jump on your lap while you try to work on the computer, appear on the kitchen bench while you are preparing dinner and casually swipe their paws at you while you meditate or read a book.

You have to laugh at how enthusiastic cats are about getting close to owners.

7. Habit

cat lying beside lady in bed

Finally habit can be a reason your furry friend is trying to get in your face during sleep time.

Especially if they did that as a kitten, they might naturally continue the habit as they grow into adulthood.

Give your curious cat a little pat on the head then gently move it away from your face and get back to the important business of sleeping.

Safety Always

cat lying beside lady a baby

If you have a baby or young children it is wise to make sure you are always around if they sleep together.

Ensure your cat doesn’t block your child’s airways or they could have difficulty breathing or suffocate. It is very rare but has happened so you can’t be too safe.

How to Deal With Your Cat Waking You Up?

cat waking up its owner

Is your cat annoying you by waking you up often while you try to sleep?

If you need your beauty sleep or have an important job and need a good nights rest it can effect your life in a negative way. In that case you need to put your cat in another room when you sleep.

If it meows and scratches at your door to get in you might need to consider putting your cat in its own room away from yours every night.

Of course you will feel bad at the beginning but your cat will get used to the new rules. Plus nothing beats a great night of sleep.

It takes some time and practice to become skilled at reading your cat’s body language. But over time you will learn to read the meanings behind its behavior. It’s very interesting to learn about all the ways they have to communicate in a nonverbal way.

Cats are very intelligent and are clever communicators. As you notice their behavior and react proactively the bond between you and your lovely cat will continue to grow stronger.

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