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Cyber-Dogs.com’s Hotdog

Cyber Dogs was once a restaurant that catered to vegetarians based out of Seattle, Washington. They served up vegetarian hotdogs that were twice voted to be the best in the state.

They sported an espresso bar, hosted a variety of music, and projected foreign films to add to the ambiance. Unfortunately for Cyber Dogs enthusiasts, this restaurant closed in July of 2015.

Their menu was available on their website, which showed their creativity toward their particular culinary niche. They did as much with vegetarian hotdogs as anyone ever could, serving them in various ways that could fill up a menu.

Using their example of how many different ways a hotdog can be served, let’s take this opportunity to answer one question concerning hotdogs…

Can Cats Eat Hotdogs?

can cats eat hotdogs image

Cats can eat hotdogs, and it will be fine. But a diet of them would be extremely unhealthy for the cat. The fat content, sodium, and additional preservatives remove hotdogs from being viable meat sources.

In the heat of the moment (or in a moment of an owner’s weakness), a one-time treat will not damage or prove to be toxic to an adult cat. However, kittens don’t process things the same way, as their digestive system is still working its way into maturity.

Often, things that an adult cat can get away with eating can make a kitten ill or even pass away, depending on what it is. Any spices at all that might be in a hotdog could wreak havoc on the digestive system of a kitten, as would other chemicals involved.

Cat nutrition goes beyond a simple idea of being healthy when discussing whether cat breeds should be eating human foods. The subject can turn into a life or death scenario, so it’s best to keep people’s foods out of the mouths of our furry little ones at the end of the day.

Questions about Cat Nutrition Concerning Hotdogs

3 hotdogs sandwich in a plate

Here are a handful of questions concerning this topic that will be helpful to you.

1. Is it safer to give a cat raw hotdogs rather than cooked?

Yes, it is safer, only in that a cooked hotdog or a leftover chunk of hotdog will likely have some form of condiments on them. A raw hotdog or chunk of hotdog will be free of condiments.

For those of you who may not be aware, condiments are extremely toxic to cats. Anything that contains garlic of any form, onions of any form, and other popular spices can be extremely toxic to cats, even deadly (including mustard).

2. Wouldn’t a hotdog be a good source of protein for a cat?

Hotdogs are not a great source of protein for anyone at all, humans or animals alike. Sure, they have protein- but that doesn’t make hotdogs a great protein source.

If they were a good source of protein, then bodybuilders everywhere would include hotdogs in their strict daily regimen, as they live and breathe for good protein sources. They are more unhealthy for man and beast alike than they are healthy.

3. Can a hotdog make a cat overweight?

Yes, hotdogs can quickly cause your cat to pack on some unhealthy pounds for one clear reason- fat content.

The high levels of fat are self-explanatory. Anything animals or we might eat with high-fat levels will give us all kinds of health-related issues, including weight gain.

4. Is the sodium content in hotdogs dangerous for cats?

Most of us are aware of sodium (salt) leading to high blood pressure, strokes, and a host of heart diseases. That said, the human body is designed so that we can process a decent amount of sodium and still get by without causing any issues.

However, cats, despite their age, are not built to handle sodium at all. Their anatomy isn’t designed to process it through their system. When they consume it via highly processed foods (mainly people foods) at a normal rate, they can develop sodium ion poisoning. This can cause all kinds of problems, even death.

5. Can cat eat vegetarian hotdogs?

Again, for the most part, yes, they can, but no, they shouldn’t. They can try some as a treat only if there are no additional spices incorporated to spruce up the flavors of the hotdog- so check out the ingredients first.

Aside from that, cat breeds are carnivores, not omnivores. There is an amino acid that cats can only get through animal sources called taurine. Humans and dogs can process this acid internally or through other sources- cats cannot.

So, as stated above, as a treat every blue moon, fine. But when experts are asked about turning cats vegan, they get a resounding and hard no. So, a diet of vegetarian hotdogs is out of the question in the world of cats.

Final Thoughts

cat and cat bowl with a hotdog on top

Cats’ eyes will often bypass their survival instincts regarding food- much like dogs or humans. People will eat things daily that they probably shouldn’t, and many types of animals will do the same thing if they’re hungry or appetized enough.

The difference is that we usually know better but don’t care when it comes to unhealthy foods. However, we will pay much more attention when things are deemed to be toxic to our systems.

Dogs won’t care about things like that, but most breeds are equipped with a robust immune and digestive system. No doubt some human foods are toxic to dogs that can make a mess out of them, but not nearly as easily as it can happen to a cat.

Humans and dogs are omnivores. Our systems can handle a buffet of different food types, whereas cats are carnivores through and through. Their diet is more streamlined and designed to make the most out of their natural prey animals (mice, rats, critters).

These are concrete differences that owners need to constantly be reminded of when sharing our food with our little loved ones.